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Polypropylene filter cloth

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Polypropylene filter cloth   

Product Description:

1.Polypropylene filter cloth material performance: acid, alkali resistance, good wear resistance, good electrical conductivity, resilience slightly better than polyester fiber, the corrosion resistance is bad.
Slightly shrinkage thermal resistance: 90 ℃.
The elongation at break (%) : 18-35. 
Rupture strength (g/d) : 4.5-9.
Soft point (℃) : 140-160.
Melting point (℃) : 165-173. 
Specific gravity: 0.91.
2.Polypropylene filter cloth filter cloth categories: polypropylene staple fiber filter cloth; Polypropylene fiber filter cloth.
Scope of application: pharmaceutical, food, chemical, metallurgy, sewage treatment, etc.

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