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Monofilament filter cloth

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Monofilament filter cloth

Product features

1.Synthetic fiber woven is single, and strength, not easy to block, there won't be broken yarn.

2.Monofilament filter cloth surface after heat setting process has high stability, and it is  difficult to deformation, uniform aperture.

3.The surface of the calendering processing of monofilament filter cloth is smooth, filter cake is easy to peel, filter cloth is easy to clean and regeneration.

Scope of application: belt type filter, vacuum drum machine, (flat, turntable, vertical plate) type filter press, leaf filter, candle type filter press, airtight filtering machine, press and so on equipment. Non-ferrous metals such as zinc oxide, cobalt oxide, alumina, potash, nickel and cobalt, manganese and other mineral smelting, dye chemical industry, coal selecting, etc.

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