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The performance characteristics of the polyester monofilament filter cloth

2015-9-15      View:
Polyester monofilament filter cloth is in synthetic fiber as raw material, made of nylon (PA), polyester (PET), polypropylene (PP) and ethylene (PE) monofilament.
Polyester monofilament filter cloth has smooth surface, texture thin, permeable fast, resistance to breakage and strength advantages, use not only increases the filter with a one-time capacity and mesh hole is not easy to be blocked, the cake off automatically, thereby improving the solid-liquid separation efficiency, but also reduce the artificial removal of the labor intensity of the cake, the normal use can withstand thousands of times of repeated strain, so as to prolong the service life of the filter cloth.
The multifilament braided monofilament polyester filter cloth in solid-liquid separation medium wear will soon be raised, so the service life is very short.
Nonwoven needle punched filter blanket is composed of polypropylene fiber layer constitute, in inner layer and the nylon wire braid reinforcement network and in the surface layer by hot pressing formed a thin laminated optical film, than multifilament braided polyester monofilament filter cloth increased the intensity, improve the dialysis and smooth, which can also improve service life of the filtering and dewatering effect and polyester monofilament filter cloth in a certain extent, but the use of a certain period, pressure light film wear, surface smoothness is reduced, the cake is not easy to fall off. And because the texture of the non woven filter blanket is thick, the mechanical capacity is reduced, the efficiency of the separation of the liquid is reduced.
The metallurgical industry of cloth selection test of monofilament polyester filter cloth. Pointed out: "compared to polyester monofilament fabrics and other fabric has the following advantages: high capacity, long life, filter cloth is not easy to be blocked, easy to clean; easy to cake discharging, high rate of cake discharging; water similar. Therefore, the use of polyester monofilament disc vacuum filter is significantly better than other bumin cloth. Compared with the use of free spinning filter blanket, producing one ton of iron ore consumption non-woven filter blanket cost of 0.21 yuan, and consumption cost of monofilament nylon cloth is 0.115 yuan.
In short polyester monofilament filter cloth not only to meet the technical requirements for solid-liquid separation, and the using effect is obviously better than no spinning filter blanket and multifilament woven filter cloth.