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Suzhou Sifang special industrial fabric quality Globalization

2015-9-15      View:
Advanced filter cloth filter cloth enterprise to enhance its competitiveness in the market, have begun to launch for the user of the registered trademark, standard certification system, confirm the user use or maintenance requirements, also for users provide use of its products quality assurance, strengthening the quality and brand advantages. In contrast, the number of local enterprises in China can be used for the user to register, standard certification and other value-added services; the number of enterprises can provide customers with the use of their products quality assurance. The vast majority of enterprises in order to improve the short-term market share, to do the cost to do the article, want to win, but this approach is a short-sighted. Low price strategy will affect the quality of the product, the ultimate damage is the development of the enterprise itself. The quality standard for cloth cloth manufacturing enterprise globalization, the focus is.