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From the 4 aspects of the evaluation of a cloth listed

2015-9-15      View:

We believe that can evaluate the investment value of the listed companies in a cloth from four aspects: cloth of each link in the value chain of creative ability, fine molecular industry strategic choice and position, ability to integrate acquisitions, internal management level of refinement. These 4 elements build the enterprise's ability to resist market risk and to carry out the expansion of the bottom. Due to the global financial crisis led to the general decline in economic growth, 2009 Chinese cloth industry sustained growth pattern also is facing a turning point, the main downstream industry demand for cloth tended to decline, the fixed assets investment driven factors of surviving, export driven factors will be significantly weakened, the combination of these factors, our domestic filter industry growth rate in 2009 forecast: optimistic 2-5%, neutral - 5 - 2%, pessimistic - 15% - - 5%.
In the analysis based on the cloth industry cycle operating characteristics of, review the consequences of the financial crisis, evaluation the national economic recession on the cloth industry influence, combined with changes of the three factors, the domestic fixed asset investment, exports, the middle and lower reaches of the host industry, forecast the cloth industry in 2009 growth.
We from the cloth of leading enterprises business structure, financial early warning index system, mergers and acquisitions operation and synergistic effect three aspects. Analysis the enterprise's core competitive advantage, so to set up a reference space for the domestic filter cloth enterprise development.