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The hot market transform cloth industry is facing new challenges

2015-9-15      View:

Cloth market status: China's current application of filter cloth 35 million kilometers, in the application of market distribution is roughly as follows: accounting for 50% of the access network, metropolitan area network accounted for 35%, trunk accounted for 10%, users in the network accounted for 5%. For a long time, the world market America cloth first, second in Japan, third in Europe, fourth China. Now our country has surpassed Japan, becoming the world's second largest cloth market.
The cloth cloth is divided into three status: conventional structural forms: cengjiaoshi, central tube, skeleton type. Each kind of structure can be divided into cloth beam and cloth belt. Used by the filter cloth filter cloth can be divided into: multimode filter, conventional single-mode filter cloth, G.655 cloth, G.656 cloth and G.657 filter cloth. Most of the cloth enterprises in China can provide these products.
In 2007 the domestic market cloth to maintain growth, industry concentration has increased, supply further concentrated on large enterprises. Industry to gradually rational layout of the new situation development: the formation of a number of large-scale industrial group. The power source in the implementation of the national strategy of informatization, will greatly promote the rapid development of broadband and mobile networks; on the other hand, the telecom operators transformation implementation of the strategy to promote the growth of the rural market and the broadband business market; in addition, technology progress and market demand for bandwidth increases the dual role also promote the China's internal market, the prosperity of filter cloth. Secondly, in the field of electric power, the army and petrochemical demand of special filter is very large, to cloth cable of new technology, equipment and technology put forward higher requirements. Although the cloth is very optimistic about the future market demand, but for now, the development of enterprises is not optimistic about the cloth.